CAEYC Conference

I spent the last few days at an amazing opportunity for networking with other early educators. I am part of the CAEYC and spent three days networking, learning, laughing, and getting inspired to continue offering natural, Reggio inspired content in my classroom.

My colleagues and I got to meet Greg and Steve, attend a workshop presented by them, sing old songs and learn some cool new ones for music time. I also attended a math workshop where we were encouraged to think of math as an integrated piece of the day, not a separate activity. Her mantra was: it’s never math time, its always math time! I was introduced to more great music selections that promote counting and math across the curriculum.

My most favorite and most inspired day of the weekend was when I learned about long-term projects in the preschool classroom. Taking a long term study and covering multiple domains is a key concept for my plans next year. I want the children to drive the curriculum, plan the day’s interests, and enjoy the learning process, long before they move into Kindergarten. There is plenty of time for academics, but play is only considered cool for a short time, and I want to foster the #playmatters ideal with every student in my life.

Until next time: I am off to attend a Mentor meeting, inspire others, and most importantly have fun with my littles.


Ms. Tina


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