Today I had an opportunity to chat with brand new early educators; 12 women who are headed into their first experiences as child care providers. Our local community college no longer offers a lab school, but the professors are always looking for opportunities to share knowledge among the community and its students, and today it was my turn to share about my experiences of the past 20 years in child care, continued education, and the California Mentor Program.

I spoke about professional advocacy groups, my own timeline in education, and how I ended up in my new role designing and implementing a Transitional Kindergarten. I was asked to speak in order to promote education, and help these ladies find their own niche in the field; however, I left refreshed and excited for my own journey to continue to unfold.

It is important that we spend time in the presence of those who will remind us why we chose education, and those that will lift us up in our advocacy efforts. I can only hope that I was able to plant a small seed; for life long learning, advocating for young children’s education, mentor teachers, professionalism, and even the continued ability to network with other like minded individuals.

#teachershelpingteachers should be the cornerstone of our profession, we are a community that should always support one another in our efforts to plant the seeds of learning. I am honored to have been part of child care career day, and even more honored to play a small part of each new teacher’s history, as they move forward in their own education and career path.


Ms. Tina

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