New Year- New Ideas

‘Planning’ curriculum for a play-based, inquiry driven classroom can be tricky to navigate. Incorporating all of the necessary components of a standards based classroom while allowing the children to drive the curriculum and follow their lead can be showcased through photo documentation and included on my blog.

Giving the children the tools to gain knowledge while they plan, investigate and record their own learning is what we are all about! We can see what they are doing- but not what they are learning; making learning visible for parents and administrators is my main goal.

Thank you for following my journey to enhance young children’s academic experiences through play!



Hello PreK World!

My journey began over 20 years ago in a small academically driven classroom where discipline was a daily occurrence. I was young, naive, and textbook educated.

I returned to higher education when I realized that there were better ways to encourage young children’s academic achievement than drills, seat work and memorization.

I have since realized that DAP is enhanced when the children are engaged with their environment, learning from their experiences; ultimately cutting down on disruptive behaviors- allowing me to opt for redirection as a means of behavior management, enhancing the FUN aspect of my program.

My journey as a life long learner has set me on a path of creating curriculum plans for the busy teacher, advocating for young children to learn in ways that are relevant to their interests and developing a professional growth plan for early education teachers.

Thank you for following along my journey- checking back often for detailed curriculum plans- professional growth certificate opportunities and real life educational experiences for young learners.